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Hondensitter Jess uit Schoten

Hallo, ik ben Jess!

Hondensitter Schoten: Jess

I've recently moved out from England to live in Belgium. I have a large amount of experience caring and looking after our doggie friends, this includes Work Experience at a Local Veterinarian, walking/caring for dogs in my local area back in the UK during summer holidays, as well as owning my own dog (Large Munsterlander, who requires a lot of affection, and exercise!). With my family I've owned 2 dogs, since I was about age 10, and obviously had to help look after them over their lives. I've also dog sitted a friends family dog (for about 2 months in total), who was a 6 month old Sprocker Spaniel puppy - This, naturally, involved a lot of attention, care, cleaning up, and patience. I also began training him before I left for Belgium (not pulling on the lead, general house manners, etc)
I have a huge passsion for pets, and having to leave Gretel back in the UK with my family, is, well, heartbreaking. I'd love to be able share my love, affection, and care with other dogs that need it!

Although I don't speak Dutch, I do speak Dog! :)

P.s - I also enjoy taking photographs of animals/nature, in which i have a good eye for it. I'd be more than happy to take some portrait/aperture photos of your dog too!

(Please note that I live with my boyfriend, who is just as dog loving as I am (He's actually taken Gretel for walks etc when we've visited England!), and that he's Belgian so he has a good idea of nice dog friendly locations!)


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Woonplaats Hondensitter Schoten (2900)
Ervaring als hondensitter 2 - 3 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Ja
Heeft zelf katten Ja
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Rijbewijs Ja
Past op Grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 20
Geslacht Vrouw

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Uitlaten per keer € 8
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Lid sinds Februari 2019
Laatst bijgewerkt Juni 2019
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